Damages of Antiwar Protests at the Claremont Colleges

Letter to Scripps Community from the Office of the President.pdf

Mark Curtis' letter to the Scripps Community, briefly mentioning the bombings that occurred on th Claremont Colleges campus the month before. 

On Febraury 26, 1969, two shrapnel bombs went off at the Claremont Colleges, one in the politics department in Carnegie Hall at Pomona College, severely injuring Mrs. Mary Ann Keatley and another in an empty bathroom at Scripps College. Keatley, who served as a secretary of the politics department, lost part of her right hand and retained severe eye damage after picking up a shoebox wrapped in brown paper from a government professor's mailbox. No one was arrested or took responsibility of the attack and the identity of the bomber remains unknown. 

This letter was written by former Scripps College President, Mark Curtis, in regards to the recent events that occured at the Claremont Colleges. He briefly mentions the bombings towards the end of the letter, where he addressed the event and Keatley's medical condition. 

Window Smashing Marks Protest.pdf

A newspaper article about the property damage that occured in Bauer Hall in relation to the anti-war protest

This article was published in the Scripps Collegiate Newspaper in 1970. It covered the "love-in" protest of the ROTC office in Bauer Hall at Claremont McKenna College. Protestors evidently smashed a window in attempts to enter the office at 5 a.m. on May 4th 1970 in protest of Nixon's decision to invade Cambodia. While most protests were peaceful, this event shows that there were different perspectives of the effectiveness of non-violent protests and also shed some light on the difficulties in protest organization.