Events on Scripps College Campus on May 7, 1970

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Schedule of Events on Scripps Campus for May 7, 1970

This schedule produced by members of the Scripps College community outlines the activities for the scheduled community discussions and activist occurrences on May 7, 1970 regarding the Vietnam War. The community had an overwhelmingly negative response to the human rights abuses and military involvement going on in Vietnam, and sought out forms of student activism in order to respond to the occurrences. The organized events allowed students and other community members the chance to learn more about the complexities involved in the war, and generate ideas for further student action.


Members of the Scripps College community gather in Humanities Courtyard to discuss antiwar protests.

This photograph depicts a gathering of members of the Scripps College community on May 7, 1970 to discuss the "Operation Menu" Cambodia bombings, antiwar protests and related proposals. After the negative reactions to these bombings authorized by President Richard Nixon, a list of proposals in regards to antiwar activity were presented to the Scripps College community, and this meeting gave the members the opporutnity to vote on a course of action. This event was one of multiple that occurred on May 7, 1970 in response to the events of the Vietnam War, as the day was "set aside for constructive action."