Claremont Colleges "No Business as Usual" Vietnam Moratorium October 1969

Moratorium Coalition Committee Statement October 7, 1969.jpg
Moratorium Coalition Committee Flyer



The flyer was created with the intended purpose of informing the public that while members of the Moratorium Coalition Committee did participate in other clubs and organizations, said clubs and organizations were not officially affiliated with the Coalition. Additionally, they provided information about the event and its location. In the context of the colleges and the state of affairs at the time, it is interesting to observe the extent to which clubs and organizations wished to distance themselves from discussions of conflict regarding the Vietnam War. It speaks directly to the deeply devisive and polarizing nature of the simple act of discussing the War and educating people on the wants or specific demands of students looking to end the war. Finally, the fact that all the leaders of the Coalition Committee provided their names on the bottom of the flier speaks to student's resiliance in the face of opposition to protest movements. 

Vietnam Moratorium Program Oct 15, 1969 pg 1.jpg

"No Business as Usual" Moratorium Program

This program was handed out at the Claremont Colleges Vietnam Moratorium on October 15, 1969 for both protesters and bystanders to get a deeper understanding of the meaning behind the protest as well as the specific actions and terms that protesters were being told to use and perpetuate. Additionally, it was created with the purpose of education people of the intended outcome of the activism. The first page includes the specific times and dates for the protesters to attend, but it should be noted that it also includes an comment advising protesters to participate in as much as they are able to showing that even in past protests, programmers have also taken the mental health of their participants into consideration. This program is a vital window into hon real protests have functioned in the past, and can provide reference for elements that can be incorporated into modern protests both now and in the future. 

Claremont Colleges "No Business as Usual" Vietnam Moratorium October 1969