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This 1971 pamphlet explains the resources available to Black students at the Claremont Colleges, including the Black Studies Center.

This 1973 informational booklet explains the Black Studies program at the Claremont Colleges and invites Black students to apply to schools in the Consortium.

A hand made poster calling students to join a fast, "in connection with protests of involvement in southeast Asia."

Student Commencement Address (1).pdf
The commencement address discussed tension between youth and the older generations of the time. It urged graduating students to take action to enact change, while maintaining an open mind for progress in the future.

Core 3 Contrafact song PDF.pdf
A contrafact song protesting the censorship of history textbooks based on Annie Little's "Fly Me Away"

A recruitment flyer for Black applicants to the Claremont Colleges, including information about Black student life and resources at the Colleges.

A hand drawn cartoon found in the Claremont Collegian from the Fall of 1970.

This article describes at length the colleges’ plan to cultivate a more racially and economically diverse student body and connects that change to the work done by the Black Students Union to bring about this change. The article details the demands…

Moratorium Coalition Committee Statement October 7, 1969.jpg
The flyer was created with the intended purpose of informing the public that while members of the Moratorium Coalition Committee did participate in other clubs and organizations, said clubs and organizations were not officially affiliated with the…
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