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This 1971 pamphlet explains the resources available to Black students at the Claremont Colleges, including the Black Studies Center.

A recruitment flyer for Black applicants to the Claremont Colleges, including information about Black student life and resources at the Colleges.

The Spring 1974 Bulletin of the Black Studies Center, including concerns about the Center's budget.

This bulletin from the Black Studies Center announced that the Black Studies Center was to become the Intercollegiate Department of Black Studies (later changed to Africana Studies) and the Office of Black Student Affairs as of July 1, 1979.

This flyer announces a picnic hosted by the Black Studies Center.

The Asian Student Alliance (ASA) of the Claremont Colleges expresses solidarity with the Black Studies Center and the Chicano Studies Center in a letter to HMC president Joseph Platt.

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The Intercollegiate Committee on the Black Studies Center proposes a plan for the creation of the BSC.

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The presidents of the Claremont Colleges jointly announce their support of the proposed Black Studies Center.

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A series of photographs published by The Student Life showcase a cultural conference hosted by the United Mexican-American Students at the Claremont Colleges.

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This satirical article describes a fictional proposed
"Jewish Studies Center," in a clear reference to the proposed Black Studies Center. The rhetoric appears dismissive of the Black Studies Center while also downplaying the issues facing theā€¦
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