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recknoning day 1 (jpeg).jpg
On March 7, 1969, a large group of Scripps students and faculty met in the Clark Living Room to organize a picket demonstration in front of Balch Auditorium in support of the founding of the Black Studies Center. This 3.5-page student article, headed…

Student Commencement Address (1).pdf
The commencement address discussed tension between youth and the older generations of the time. It urged graduating students to take action to enact change, while maintaining an open mind for progress in the future.

Core 3 Contrafact song PDF.pdf
A contrafact song protesting the censorship of history textbooks based on Annie Little's "Fly Me Away"

A hand drawn cartoon found in the Claremont Collegian from the Fall of 1970.

This is a song that is intended to function as a protest chant or unifying anthem that deconstructs the negative stigma surrounding leg, underarm, facial and pubic hair. This empowering contrafact is inspired by Fergie's "Glamorous"--a pop song from…

Curtis Letter Page 1.tif
This letter served to inform Scripps alumnae of a new initiative to increase enrollment of minority students at the College. The administration particularly wanted to intensify efforts to enroll African-American and Mexican-American students.

This is an open letter from Mark H. Curtis, president of Scripps College from 1964-1976, to parents of students and alumnae regarding recent protests and proposals for a Center for Black Studies as well as an effort to increase representation of…

This is a mimeograph of a proposed model of the demonstration policy. They ask that all protests remain peaceful, non-violent, and non-disruptive.
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