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The Screams in Silence lyrics only.pdf
lyrics of a contrafact to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence"

This is a song that is intended to function as a protest chant or unifying anthem that deconstructs the negative stigma surrounding leg, underarm, facial and pubic hair. This empowering contrafact is inspired by Fergie's "Glamorous"--a pop song from…

Contrafact Project.pdf
Contrafact lyrics written to the tune of "Blurred Lines". The purpose of these lyrics is to alter a song which promotes rape culture into a song about the importance of consent.

Chalk and Ink_LYRICS.pdf
This song was composed by the students in the Core: Mobilizing Art class of Fall 2015.

Sasha Scudder_Contrafact.pdf
A replacement of the lyrics to 'Yankee Doodle' to make them about feminism and the unfair treatment and standards for women.

Core 3 Contrafact song PDF.pdf
A contrafact song protesting the censorship of history textbooks based on Annie Little's "Fly Me Away"

Students advertise a protest march against the ROTC in Student Newspaper

Article about protest march against ROTC

Article on the effects of Student Protest of ROTC

Article on the Claremont College's decisions about ROTC
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