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The Claremont Colleges trustees approve the creation of the Black Studies Center under the heading of the Human Resources Institute.

The Student Life reports on the formation of Pomona College Faculty And Students Together (FAST), an organization for the implementation of the Black Studies Center. Ultimately, the responsibilities held by FAST were absorbed into the Intercollegiate…

Faculty of the Claremont Colleges respond to the Black Student Union's proposal for a Black Studies Center.

The Student Life reports on the faculty senate's consideration of the proposed Black Studies Center.

State Senator Mervyn M. Dymally teaches a course at Pomona College entitled "The Black Man in American Politics," one of the early minority studies course offerings at the Claremont Colleges.

The United Mexican-American Students put forth their proposal for a Mexican-American Studies Center.

The Student Life reports on Black Student Union member Danny Wilks's statement about the February 1969 bombings.

This is a photograph from 1969 of President Mark H. Curtis (from 1964-1976) giving a follow-up announcement to students of Scripps College that are demonstrating against his neutral stance on the events that took place under the Nixon administration…

The flyer was taken from the March 30, 1969 edition of the "This Week Magazine" and displayed around Scripps. It's display was in response either to civil rights protests at the time or to the ongoing struggle on the campuses to express issues that…
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