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In this excerpt from a 1989 speech to the Black Student Union (BSU), Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran reflected back on her participation in the struggle to create the Black Studies Center (BSC) at the Claremont Colleges.

Elizabeth Carleton interviewed Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran about her involvement in the Black Student Union and student activism.

Vietnam Moratorium Program Oct 15, 1969 pg 1.jpg
This program was handed out at the Claremont Colleges Vietnam Moratorium on October 15, 1969 for both protesters and bystanders to get a deeper understanding of the meaning behind the protest as well as the specific actions and terms that protesters…

In 1975, six years after the implementation of the Black Studies Center (BSC), the BSC faculty raised a number of issues to the Council of Presidents, including the lack of funds for the pre-freshman summer program, the inferior status of the BSC…

This flyer announces the first open house of the newly created Intercollegiate Department of Black Studies (later changed to Africana Studies) on September 6, 1979.

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The Intercollegiate Committee on the Black Studies Center proposes a plan for the creation of the BSC.

This letter from BSC director James Garrett to Provost E. Howard Brooks explains the need for the Pre-Freshman Summer Program.

In this article, John Payton, a leader in the Black Student Union and member of the Blacks Student Union Committee in 1969, discussed and addressed the reactions of white students to the proposed Black Studies Center.
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