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Student activism article in an unknown paper.pdf
An article written in an unknown newspaper about living in the 1960s that briefly mentions the on campus bombings that occurred on Feb 26th 1969

Article on the effects of Student Protest of ROTC

Article on the Claremont College's decisions about ROTC

Final Report of the Washington Delegation .pdf
The Final Report of the Washington Delegation: a group of professors and students of the Claremont Colleges went to D.C. to present the effects of the Vietnam War on university campuses, with an emphasis of the events at the Claremont Colleges

BookScanCenter (134830)new.jpg
This release from The Student Life announces the February 25, 1969 bombings at Pomona College's Carnegie Hall and Scripps College's Balch Hall.

Students advertise a protest march against the ROTC in Student Newspaper

Letter to Scripps Community from the Office of the President.pdf
Letter to the Scripps Community from the Office of the President shortly after the campus bombings

Window Smashing Marks Protest.pdf
An article about the vandalism of Bauer Hall in May 1970, published in the Scripps College Newspaper Collegiate.

This document provides a numbered list of proposed resolutions regarding student sentiments for the college to publicly agree to and support. The students that composed this express their anger with the President Mark H. Curtis regarding the school's…

Sasha Scudder_Contrafact.pdf
A replacement of the lyrics to 'Yankee Doodle' to make them about feminism and the unfair treatment and standards for women.
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