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In protest to the lack of response from administration to their ongoing campaign to garner Claremont College support for a Black Studies Center, Black Student Union members called for a rally in front of Pitzer Hall at Claremont Mckenna College on…

The Asian Student Alliance (ASA) of the Claremont Colleges expresses solidarity with the Black Studies Center and the Chicano Studies Center in a letter to HMC president Joseph Platt.

This article documents the suspicion and fearmongering against the BSU that continued to mount as the community panicked over the possibility of further violence. The Pomona and Scripps campus bombs were compared to other bombings and incidents of…

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On March 7, 1969, a large group of Scripps students and faculty met in the Clark Living Room to organize a picket demonstration in front of Balch Auditorium in support of the founding of the Black Studies Center. This 3.5-page student article, headed…

Article about protest march against ROTC

In the days prior to March 8 of 1969, the Black Student Union (BSU) issued this statement in a letter to the provost detailing their plan for a committee to implement the Black Studies Center.

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This bulletin announces the Fall 1973 news for the Black Studies Center, including the appointment of the new BSC director James Garrett.

This flyer announces a picnic hosted by the Black Studies Center.

This bulletin from the Black Studies Center announced that the Black Studies Center was to become the Intercollegiate Department of Black Studies (later changed to Africana Studies) and the Office of Black Student Affairs as of July 1, 1979.

The Spring 1974 Bulletin of the Black Studies Center, including concerns about the Center's budget.
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