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This is a song that is intended to function as a protest chant or unifying anthem that deconstructs the negative stigma surrounding leg, underarm, facial and pubic hair. This empowering contrafact is inspired by Fergie's "Glamorous"--a pop song from…

The February bombings at Pomona College and Scripps College shocked the whole community. All Black students and faculty evacuated campus following threats of violence from white students. Members of the Black Student Union performed a campus sweep to…

The Student Life reports on Black Student Union member Danny Wilks's statement about the February 1969 bombings.

In the days prior to March 8 of 1969, the Black Student Union (BSU) issued this statement in a letter to the provost detailing their plan for a committee to implement the Black Studies Center.

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This release from The Student Life announces the February 25, 1969 bombings at Pomona College's Carnegie Hall and Scripps College's Balch Hall.

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This song was composed by the students in the Core: Mobilizing Art class of Fall 2015.

In protest to the lack of response from administration to their ongoing campaign to garner Claremont College support for a Black Studies Center, Black Student Union members called for a rally in front of Pitzer Hall at Claremont Mckenna College on…

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This program was handed out at the Claremont Colleges Vietnam Moratorium on October 15, 1969 for both protesters and bystanders to get a deeper understanding of the meaning behind the protest as well as the specific actions and terms that protesters…

In this article from the days following the bombings, Claremont Colleges Provost Mark Curtis is quoted describing how his administration had decided to move the 65 Black students at the Colleges to off-campus housing. Although there was no evidence…
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