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The flyer was taken from the March 30, 1969 edition of the "This Week Magazine" and displayed around Scripps. It's display was in response either to civil rights protests at the time or to the ongoing struggle on the campuses to express issues that…

Student Commencement Address (1).pdf
The commencement address discussed tension between youth and the older generations of the time. It urged graduating students to take action to enact change, while maintaining an open mind for progress in the future.

Student activism article in an unknown paper.pdf
An article written in an unknown newspaper about living in the 1960s that briefly mentions the on campus bombings that occurred on Feb 26th 1969

In this official public statement, the presidents of the five Claremont Colleges, and the Claremont University Center pledged to start building a student body that reflected the ethnic distribution within the United States. In their list of promised…

Students advertise a protest march against the ROTC in Student Newspaper

BookScanCenter (143628).jpg
The Intercollegiate Committee on the Black Studies Center proposes a plan for the creation of the BSC.

recknoning day 1 (jpeg).jpg
On March 7, 1969, a large group of Scripps students and faculty met in the Clark Living Room to organize a picket demonstration in front of Balch Auditorium in support of the founding of the Black Studies Center. This 3.5-page student article, headed…

Document outlining what types of protests are acceptable at Scripps College. The document notes that students have the right to protest but in non-obstructive ways. Document is a mimeograph hand edited with pencil.
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