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In this article, John Payton, a leader in the Black Student Union and member of the Blacks Student Union Committee in 1969, discussed and addressed the reactions of white students to the proposed Black Studies Center.

In this statement, the Presidents of the Claremont Colleges committed to the implementation of a committee to plan the Black Studies Center.

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This letter served to inform Scripps alumnae of a new initiative to increase enrollment of minority students at the College. The administration particularly wanted to intensify efforts to enroll African-American and Mexican-American students.

This is a mimeograph of a proposed model of the demonstration policy. They ask that all protests remain peaceful, non-violent, and non-disruptive.

Brief descriptions of courses concerning African American Literature offered at Scripps College in the fall of 1969, as listed in the Scripps College Bulletin.

This article, written by a former news writer and mother, discusses the necessity for student protestors to better campus life and society. She insists that America's youth is not to blame, but that they are fighting injustices on campus and around…

This article describes at length the colleges’ plan to cultivate a more racially and economically diverse student body and connects that change to the work done by the Black Students Union to bring about this change. The article details the demands…

A recruitment flyer for Black applicants to the Claremont Colleges, including information about Black student life and resources at the Colleges.

Pictured, from left to right: Danny Wilson, Sen. Mervyn Dymally, Eileen Wilson, and Kevin Wilks. Kevin Wilks is incorrectly identified as John Payton in the article. The press coverage surrounding the February bombings continued to focus on the Black…

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The presidents of the Claremont Colleges jointly announce their support of the proposed Black Studies Center.
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