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Vietnam Moratorium Newspaper Article Oct 3, 1969 .pdf
A Claremont college newspaper, the Claremont Collegian, published this article on October 3, 1969 and used it to inform members of the community about the Vietnam Moratorium "No Business as Usual" that was going to take place on October 15, 1969. It…

Student activism article in an unknown paper.pdf
An article written in an unknown newspaper about living in the 1960s that briefly mentions the on campus bombings that occurred on Feb 26th 1969

In this official public statement, the presidents of the five Claremont Colleges, and the Claremont University Center pledged to start building a student body that reflected the ethnic distribution within the United States. In their list of promised…

Students advertise a protest march against the ROTC in Student Newspaper

Article on the Claremont College's decisions about ROTC

A hand made poster calling students to join a fast, "in connection with protests of involvement in southeast Asia."

These brief but interesting articles highlight the little-known fact that Myrlie Evers-Williams was appointed to a position at the Claremont Colleges as part of the movement towards racial equity. Additionally, they recount an effort from the…

An article concerning the campaign launched by the Claremont Colleges to enroll more minority students. The article contains the same text as "Claremont to Attract Minorities" and "Claremont Colleges Seeking Minority Group Students" under a different…
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