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These articles, while having nearly identical text, have distinct titles and, in the case of one article, distinct presentations. They likely draw from an official press release from the Claremont Colleges. This difference in presentation may be a…

This article documents the suspicion and fearmongering against the BSU that continued to mount as the community panicked over the possibility of further violence. The Pomona and Scripps campus bombs were compared to other bombings and incidents of…

Final Report of the Washington Delegation .pdf
The Final Report of the Washington Delegation: a group of professors and students of the Claremont Colleges went to D.C. to present the effects of the Vietnam War on university campuses, with an emphasis of the events at the Claremont Colleges

Article on the effects of Student Protest of ROTC

Article about protest march against ROTC

Moratorium Coalition Committee Statement October 7, 1969.jpg
The flyer was created with the intended purpose of informing the public that while members of the Moratorium Coalition Committee did participate in other clubs and organizations, said clubs and organizations were not officially affiliated with the…

An article concerning the campaign launched by the Claremont Colleges to enroll more minority students. The article contains the same text as "Claremont to Attract Minorities" and "Claremont Colleges Seeking Minority Group Students" under a different…

These brief but interesting articles highlight the little-known fact that Myrlie Evers-Williams was appointed to a position at the Claremont Colleges as part of the movement towards racial equity. Additionally, they recount an effort from the…

A hand made poster calling students to join a fast, "in connection with protests of involvement in southeast Asia."

Article on the Claremont College's decisions about ROTC
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