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The Screams in Silence lyrics only.pdf
lyrics of a contrafact to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence"

This is a song that is intended to function as a protest chant or unifying anthem that deconstructs the negative stigma surrounding leg, underarm, facial and pubic hair. This empowering contrafact is inspired by Fergie's "Glamorous"--a pop song from…

Contrafact Project.pdf
Contrafact lyrics written to the tune of "Blurred Lines". The purpose of these lyrics is to alter a song which promotes rape culture into a song about the importance of consent.

Chalk and Ink_LYRICS.pdf
This song was composed by the students in the Core: Mobilizing Art class of Fall 2015.

Sasha Scudder_Contrafact.pdf
A replacement of the lyrics to 'Yankee Doodle' to make them about feminism and the unfair treatment and standards for women.

Core 3 Contrafact song PDF.pdf
A contrafact song protesting the censorship of history textbooks based on Annie Little's "Fly Me Away"

This is an open letter from Mark H. Curtis, president of Scripps College from 1964-1976, to parents of students and alumnae regarding recent protests and proposals for a Center for Black Studies as well as an effort to increase representation of…
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