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Curtis Letter Page 1.tif
This letter served to inform Scripps alumnae of a new initiative to increase enrollment of minority students at the College. The administration particularly wanted to intensify efforts to enroll African-American and Mexican-American students.

This is a mimeograph of a proposed model of the demonstration policy. They ask that all protests remain peaceful, non-violent, and non-disruptive.

Brief descriptions of courses concerning African American Literature offered at Scripps College in the fall of 1969, as listed in the Scripps College Bulletin.

Contrafact Project.pdf
Contrafact lyrics written to the tune of "Blurred Lines". The purpose of these lyrics is to alter a song which promotes rape culture into a song about the importance of consent.

This is a song that is intended to function as a protest chant or unifying anthem that deconstructs the negative stigma surrounding leg, underarm, facial and pubic hair. This empowering contrafact is inspired by Fergie's "Glamorous"--a pop song from…

Chalk and Ink_LYRICS.pdf
This song was composed by the students in the Core: Mobilizing Art class of Fall 2015.

In this article from the days following the bombings, Claremont Colleges Provost Mark Curtis is quoted describing how his administration had decided to move the 65 Black students at the Colleges to off-campus housing. Although there was no evidence…

Core 3 Contrafact song PDF.pdf
A contrafact song protesting the censorship of history textbooks based on Annie Little's "Fly Me Away"

This San Bernardino local newspaper reported on the students' demonstration in which more than 500 students stormed the office of Scripps College President Mark Curtis on Mar 4th, 1969. Students were protesting his objections to the establishment of…

Letter to Scripps Community from the Office of the President.pdf
Letter to the Scripps Community from the Office of the President shortly after the campus bombings
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