6 March, 1969


Claremont BSU Class Boycott Apparent Failure

In protest to the lack of response from administration to their ongoing campaign to garner Claremont College support for a Black Studies Center, Black Student Union members called for a rally in front of Pitzer Hall at Claremont Mckenna College on Wednesday March 5, 1969. The following day, this Los Angeles Times article reported that the Black Student Union members rallied at Claremont Men’s College (the modern-day Claremont McKenna College) but failed to gain more than 10% support from the students and faculty.


Demand Black Studies Center - 500 Students Storm Office of President at Scripps College

This San Bernardino local newspaper reported on the students' demonstration in which more than 500 students stormed the office of Scripps College President Mark Curtis on Mar 4th, 1969. Students were protesting his objections to the establishment of a Black Studies Center at the Claremont Colleges.